‘Flowers in the Attic’ Is Television’s Ickiest Fashion Film

Flowers in the Attic  debuts tomorrow, January 18 on Lifetime and everyone is buzzing about the dark and creepy plot. The controversial cult classic written by V.C. Andrews tells the story of the four Dollanganger children who are forced to live in their grandmother’s attic after the death of their father.

Their mother Corrine Dollanganger, played by Heather Graham, isn’t a fan of working, so she decides to move in with her evil parents instead. [SPOILER ALERT]: The kids are hidden for years as punishment for their mom’s decision to marry their father — who just happened to be her half-uncle. This story has more incest than Game of Thrones so bear with me. Their grandfather would keep the spoiled Corrine cut off if he found out about her inbred kids. I get why he is pissed. She married his half brother. That’s like next-level Jerry Springer shit. Mommy Dollanganger just plans on keeping them upstairs until he dies — apparently he has a bad heart. Don’t want to lose that inheritance!  After years of confinement, the two eldest Dollangangers start getting a little too close…

Lifetime clearly feels this will be a hit and has already ordered the sequel. Despite the twisted plot, this is one television movie that has the potential for truly fantastic fashion moments.

The movie is set in the 1950s and is bound to feature some great vintage looks. Kiernan Shipka plays the eldest daughter, Cathy Dollanganger. Promotional photos show her wearing cuffed jeans, A-line skirts, headbands, and bobby socks — classic sock hop cool.

Flowers in the Attic

Heather Graham has never looked better. Seriously. Playing a selfish, cold-hearted WASP does wonders for her complexion. Champagne gowns, red lips, platinum curls and dripping jewels are all a part of her mean mommy look.

Mean Mom

In the novel, Corrine Dollanganger can’t be bothered with guilt, so she presents her children with expensive clothes and toys to make up for that whole attic thing. Here is to hoping these lavish gifts get some major screen time.


The violent Bible thumping Grandmother, played by Ellen Burstyn, wears some pretty drab pieces — but there is something so elegant about the silver, finger waved bun she wears throughout the film.


And that lilac coat with jeweled buttons is to die for. Every Stepford wife should own one.

Heather Graham

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