Forever 21’s New Street Style Blog Will Further Aid Designer Knockoffs

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Forever 21 has launched its own street style blog, the cleverly titled 21st Street, which is essentially just another shopping platform. We feel pretty much the same about this blog as we do the fast fashion conglomerate as a whole.

While we’re completely transparent about having combed their racks in a bind on more than one occasion, just as we’ve splurged calories on an equals parts cheap and delicious Big Mac, we struggle to get behind a retailer that overtly copies designer clothing and is in the midst of like 657,094 lawsuits at any given moment. Also, we sort of have a vengeance against them for being a relentless proprietor of the mullet skirt.

Our main bone of contention with their site’s new corner is that next to the street style pics, they spell out exactly how to shop the look for less by putting together a faux ensemble of Forever 21 duds. To us, this blog seems like another way in which in which the brand can ride designer’s coattails, without doing any of their own creative leg work. While scoring a red carpet look for less is something we’d typically get behind, after all, we’re not exactly rolling in the deep (pockets), the looks they lay out fall short. It’s a not-good-enough knockoff with skimpier silhouettes, an excess of studs, and the shelf-life of one season (or even just one wear).

However, social media proves that many don’t see eye-to-eye with us on the subject. The #F21xME hashtag is already flaring up on Instagram, and we fear filtered Forever 21 street style snaps will start to clog our feed. Check out 21st Street for yourself, but be forewarned, if we catch you buying one of their pseudo rock ‘n’ roll band T-shirts, you’re dead to us.

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