Vogue Italia Editor Calls ANTM ‘Boring’ And ‘Unncessary’

Vogue Italia’s editor in chief Franca Sozzani has some harsh words for fashion-focused television and America’s Next Top Model, in particular — for which two separate spreads in her magazine serve as the grand prize. In a blog post on Vogue.It, Sozzani calls shows like ANTM “boring” and “unnecessary,” while also mistaking the Iman-hosted Fashion Show on Bravo for Lifetime’s Project Runway.

Sozzani tweeted a link to her post last night, with the teaser text: “I personally think that TV shows about fashion are generally boring.”

While we suspect the post was written in Italian and then translated by someone with relatively mediocre translating skills, Sozzani still gets her point across quite succinctly. A few examples:

Shows that entirely on [fashion] are monotonous, they put you asleep.

…Sometimes there are shows that make you feel embarrassed to belong to the world.

…Television is great. It makes you famous in a few seconds. It’s like fashion. However both together haven’t found the way to work. This requires an idea. A new one.

And the thing is, Sozzani isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just interesting that she would take such a hardline stance on something that, according to Tyra Banks, she rallied to be a part of. Back in May, WWD reported that Sozzani was the one who reached out to Banks with regards to a partnership with ANTM, in the hopes of “expanding into the American marketplace.”

It’s one thing to be opinionated — it’s an entirely different thing to be a hypocrite. Perhaps Sozzani soured on her experience with ANTM after watching this season’s progression — but this is what she had to say in the beginning:

One thing’s for sure: we can’t wait to hear what Banks has to say about this.

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