Franca Sozzani Didn’t Actually Think Dior Should Hire Galliano Back

Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani is certainly no stranger to controversy, which she caused during New York Fashion Week by telling a Newsweek reporter that that Dior should do the unthinkable and “hire Galliano back.” But now that that comment has blown up into a big news story, she says she was misinterpreted.

Sozzani said in an interview with The Huffington Post that she obviously understands why Dior bosses Bernard Arnault and Sidney Toledano made the decision to fire John Galliano after his embarrassing, career-ending episode of drunkenly spewing racist speech in public — and she says she “would have made exactly the same choice” in letting him go. But that doesn’t mean for a second she doesn’t mourn the idea that the fashion industry is losing his skill and vision.

I only say that what he did with his talent was genius, what he did was very good for the shows and all of his collections and that he is a really talented person who made a bad mistake. But I didn’t mean hire bring him back. I only say that it’s a pity that he’ll not be there anymore. It’s completely different.

Totally different! And speaking of things that are different, Sozzani happens to think that the front runner for the job, our very own Marc Jacobs, would make the perfect next act for Dior.

I think that it would be a great idea because I love Marc, I know that he is a big-name person and he’s very modern. He could make a change. Because after Galliano if you go after the same style, you will only have a bad copy. Marc has such a modern attitude, with everything that he touches. And he would completely change the attitude and I think it would be great, yes. I totally like him a lot.

Let’s see if that endorsement will help get Jacobs the eight-figure salary he’s asking for. Read the rest of Sozzani’s interview here.

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Franca Sozzani Wants Dior To Hire Back Galliano [Styleite]

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