Franca Sozzani Doesn’t Take Meetings, Doesn’t Like Fashion Shows

Don’t try to schedule a meeting with the renowned editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani — she’s not interested in doing that.

Sozzani says quite proudly in the new issue of Industrie magazine that she doesn’t waste time around conference tables going over strategy — because she doesn’t have to, and she simply doesn’t have enough hours in the day to hold people’s hands. Quoth Sozzani:

“I never do meetings. Never. If people are responsible and creative, they don’t need to have a teacher.”

But while that might sounds like a rather hard-nosed office policy, we think it might actually mean that Sozzani’s confidence in her staff means that they can get a lot done quickly because they don’t have to dilly dally making up their minds with idle tasks.

It’s that economy of time that inspires Sozzani’s distaste for fashion shows. Well, it’s not a distaste so much as it is a weariness of seeing the same thing on the runway as she sees in designer showrooms season after season. During a recent interview with Arianna Huffington, Sozzani explained that she loves going to shows featuring young people because “they have a new energy and a new something to say … We need another generation, otherwise people will be always the same.” (She also thinks Italy has the best solution for the fashion week scheduling crisis, but we bet you could have guessed that.)


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