Franca Sozzani Hates Crude Nudes & ‘Trashy’ Uncle Terry

Italian Vogue‘s Franca Sozzani always speaks her mind. This is one of the reasons we think she’s one of the most badass editors around, and this week she took to the internet to express her patent dislike of photography that is in “very bad taste” and goes “against all aesthetical grounds.”

Sozzani runs through the history of “nudes of men and women…without purpose if not shocking the audience.” (Yes, Sozzani’s English is a bit broken, à la Anna Dello Russo’s.) Though the wording is awkward, we think Sozzani is saying that while naked Yves Saint Laurent and Richard Avedon‘s provocative Stephanie Seymour portrait were sexy and fresh, Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller have subverted the nude fashion form into something “crude.”

She also writes about dudes in drag, little girls “wearing heavy make up, sexy clothes, posing in poses that are outrageous for their age” and naked old people. Her takeaway is this:

How far can we go trying to find new ways to create images? To disturb, make people look vulgar, pretend that what’s ugly is avant-garde, negate the widely accepted aesthetics to find new things that usually lead to stupefying results, without a purpose if not pleasing few people in the business that find this cool.

The research that goes behind photography is an open road and trying to put goofy and vulgar limits is really a shame. An image doesn’t have limits, it shows the creativity of a photographer and a team that works with the idea. Without a strong idea, exasperating an image is just self-satisfaction.

Do you agree? (We too have grown tired of Richardson’s one-note porny trope.) Do you think it’s time for photogs to step it up and get truly original, or do you think crude nudes work?

[Vogue Italia]

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