WATCH: Dior’s Nazi Niece Has Nothing To Do With Galliano

A disturbing 1963 interview with Christian Dior‘s fascist niece Françoise Dior has surfaced, and now the internet is abuzz with news of the fashion house’s alleged Nazi ties. Let’s set the record straight, people.

Jenna Sauers has a nice rundown of the facts over at Jezebel, as well as an edited and subtitled version of the clip. In the video, Françoise wears a swastika necklace and pin, and explains that Adolf Hitler is her “ideal kind of hero.” She speaks freely of “keeping your race pure” and how her feelings towards Jews are “not exactly hatred, we just don’t want them over here.” She conducts the entire interview alongside her fiancé Colin Jordan, a prominent British neo-Nazi.

There is no doubt that the video is now going viral due to the scandal surrounding John Galliano and his “I love Hitler” rant, but let’s be clear: these two incidents are in no way related. As Sauers explains, the interview took place five years after Christian’s death. Françoise had no known connection to the fashion house, and was 27 years younger than her uncle. We don’t know how close the two were, but the fact that they share the same last name (which is also the name of the label itself) lends a potentially false sense of intimacy. It is also worth noting that Christian’s own sister was deported to Buchenwald.

So, no, there is no conspiracy here. Françoise’s fascist ideology has nothing to do with the senseless words Galliano spouted nearly 50 years later. While the video is interesting and horrifying, it is in no way revealing in regards to Christian or the house that bears his name.

Watch the clip for yourself below, and let us know what you think in the comments:

[via Jezebel]

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