PHOTOS: This Is What A Prada Dress Made From Oranges Looks Like

Fashion made out of food may not be the most original of ideas (see here and here, etc), but we’re suckers for it anyway. The latest venture into sartorial gastronomy (we just made that up!) comes courtesy of Dasha Zhukova‘s Garage Magazine.

Also known as the magazine with a tattooed vagina cover, Garage has lots of other things in it, too! Like Fulvio Bonavia runway-looks-reimagined-as-culinary-delights spread. We’ve enjoyed the photographer’s work before, and we’re really digging on this designer spin. This is how Bonavia explained our favorite creation inspired by Prada‘s fall collection:

“The second one was the dress meant to look like the Prada one made of maxi paillettes. I had wanted something that would give the feeling of transparency, like the paillettes, and citrus came to mind. We made a mockup of the dress using a transparent mannequin and attached slices of citrus onto part of it. It was not possible to make an entire dress of the fruit slices because the citrus goes bad very quickly, so I shot a number of frames and then composed everything in post.”

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So cool…and so involved! Check out the pics below:

[via Fashionista]

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