The Blogger’s Eye: Man Repeller On Embracing Dating Rules

old-fashioned dating adviceOkay, so the blog post at hand is not by The Man Repeller, but we know that Leandra Medine — who edited the piece — wouldn’t let the publish button be pressed without her astute blessing, so therefore, we read on. Entitled “The Rules,” MR staffer Amelia Diamond posed the ever anxiety-inducing dating question, “Are they meant to be broken, or followed to a tee?” It all began when at 13-years-old, she came across a book at her grandparents’ house entitled The Rules, which essentially spelled out how to win a man the old-fashioned way (we’re going to go ahead and assume you have at least some inkling of what that might entail). While her revulsion to what she read, even at such a tender age, made perfect sense to us, we were more fascinated by the part where she admitted that as she’s gotten older, she’s found merit in ‘The Rules’.

But don’t get it twisted, she’s not veering into the territory of that infamous Princeton alum who said, “The cornerstone of your future and happiness will be inextricably linked to the man you marry.” Rather, she suggests that there’s power in setting your own set of guidelines when dealing with the fickle dating world.

“There are suitors, who despite flawless execution of your personal rubric still won’t call the next week — which is fine,” she wrote. “[..] Following your own a set of personal rules will, however, guarantee dignity, and if you’re going to take home anything, it should be peace of mind.”

Perhaps, it’s a way of tricking oneself into feeling empowered by the ‘lesson’ you’re taking away from the situation, when in reality you’re just flat out miserable, but for some reason we’re taking solace in this pearl of wisdom and wanted to share it with our readers (particularly ones of the lovelorn persuasion).

** Also, we love her favorite piece of advice to dole out: “You’ll never regret the text you didn’t send.” It’s literally the answer we’ve been searching for all our lives. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Read Diamond’s courtship conjectures in full, here.

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