Could Model Gabriel Aubry Really Be Racist?

Things are getting even more intense in the custody battle between Halle Berry and her model ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. The newest claim? That Aubry is “borderline racist.”

That’s what one of the model’s ex-girlfriends told TMZ yesterday — and Page Six published a story this morning that cites allegations that Aubry once used a racial slur against Berry.

The ex-girlfriend quote comes from a woman who claimed to have dated the model from 2003 to 2005. She says he was “very disrespectful to women” during their entire affair and that he “routinely demeaned her with vulgarities” including the N-word.

Meanwhile, unnamed sources told Page Six that because of his use of racial slurs, Berry “has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while with him.” Nahla, their daughter, is 3 years old.

Quotes gotten without attribution are difficult to trust, especially when they’re inflammatory and even more especially when they’re conveniently timed to damage a person’s reputation during legal proceedings. But the obvious discrepancy between the claim (that Aubry doesn’t like brown people) and reality (that Aubry was in a relationship and produced a child with a brown person) is what has us intrigued.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re not so naive as to believe that a person who is racist is entirely incapable of having sex with someone outside their race (and we refer you here to the illegitimate children of men like Thomas Jefferson and Strom Thurmond). But those guys kept their bi-racial offspring under the radar for years.

Aubry, on the other hand, entered into a very public and very high-profile relationship with one of the biggest stars of our time, who happens to be bi-racial herself, and had a multi-racial child with her. And now he’s actively pursuing custody of that child, ostensibly so that he can raise her and be around her all the time. For us, there are things about that that simply don’t add up.

We don’t know the guy, so we don’t know for sure whether he actually doesn’t like brown people, or if he’s just chosen to use a few ugly words too often. That said, any use of such words is deplorable, and if its true that he’s spoken to Berry and other women using them, it’s probably a good idea to get Nahla as far away from him as possible. But that’s just our opinion. What do you think?

Berry baby battle gets worse [Page Six]
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