WATCH: Gaultier Spanks Gaga In A Made-For-TV Documentary

We all know that fashion people love Lady Gaga. Her looneytoons outfits and outre personality make most designers look tame and probably also give the remainder a sense of validation. “See, that outfit is wearable!” we imagine them opining to their investors. But while that’s old news, the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier and the Gags are actually friends, like, genuine, seem-to-enjoy-each-other’s-company amigos makes our hearts flutter and our cable bill wish we had access to France’s TF6 channel where, on June 9, an hour-long Gaga-focused documentary filmed by the designer will air.

A teaser clip has been posted to YouTube and while it doesn’t show much (other than Gaga pawing at some fabrics and the pair doing a priest-and-nun themed photoshoot), it’s still adorable. Our favorite might be when Gaultier brings her flowers and Gaga responds, “Vous ĂȘtes gentil!” — which is basically French for thank you, I adore you, I am Lady Gaga and OMG Jean Paul Gaultier just brought me flowers.


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