Let The Speculation Begin: Who Should Replace Galliano?

John Galliano‘s career at Dior hasn’t been over for 24 hours yet, but people are already speculating and making bets on who will replace him. A few names have floated to the top of the heap, but we won’t know for sure who it will be until someone has signed and dated what will undoubtedly be a very lucrative contract. Still, it’s sort of fun (but also kinda sad) to informally nominate a few people for the post.

But for the people who are actually going to have to make this call, we don’t imagine this being very fun. Galliano, anti-Semite though he might be, was an immensely talented designer. Sasha Wilkins, better known to some as Liberty London Girl, told the BBC that Galliano is “the most talented designer of his generation.”

We don’t know who will be picked, but there are some things we can almost guarantee: This person won’t be an American. Dior, after all, couldn’t be more French if it tried, and there’s something about American design that just doesn’t quite approximate France’s way of doing things. The replacement will also have to be capable of turning out a couple of couture collections a year. With that in mind, we think any one of the following five candidates would make a splendid addition to the stable of designers at LVMH.


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