About That Profile Pic: Garance Doré Says We All Make Ourselves Look Better Online

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Unlike her beau Scott Schuman, Garance Doré proves that she knows exactly just how much to share. In an interview with The Talks, the French blogger answers practically every question we’d ever want to ask her, and than some, putting it all ever so gracefully — which is a feat when topics like sex, reality TV, Woody Allen, and narcissistic social media sharing are on the table. Side note: She makes us feel better about our tendency to edit our lives to err on the side of bon vivant. Swoon!

On sharing a more glorified version of yourself online:

“We all do that. I show a more idealized version of my life and the things I see. I was never trying to show reality, but rather the world as I want to see it and myself as I want to be. So we’re all the same, we edit ourselves, we show the best things, but it’s also sometimes good to say, “Okay, there’s also crap happening and it’s fine.””

On over-sharing:

“My mother is a psychoanalyst and I lived in a very open family so I know how to talk about myself without being obscene. I could talk about sexuality or big family problems and if you were to read it, it would feel like it’s all right. Woody Allen can share so much and it’s never embarrassing for anybody. I think I have the same thing. And then people feel, “Oh you can talk about yours I can talk about mine.” People tell me that often”.

On the future of blogging:

“It’s becoming something much more commercial – the one changing factor is the money. So when you have money the system will be more like magazines. To make more money, you need to make more content because you have to have people come back to your blog. And to make more content means you lose your focus; you talk about more things and you edit less. So you need to have talented people who edit and are able to put in a lot of good content, which I don’t think is very easy with the Internet. The Internet is very hungry, constantly.”

On reality TV:

“My idol is Woody Allen, but I also love reality TV. I think I want to mix reality and fiction. I don’t think there is a reality show that I love, but I love the idea. I think usually it’s just that these people are not very interesting, but if it were about people that I’m interested in, I would love it!”

We have a feeling that if hungry Bravo execs find out the scribe loves reality TV, they’ll start courting her and Schuman mercilessly. To which we say: consider their show DVR’d!

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