3 Lessons In New York City Living From Garance Doré

Garance Doré might be our favorite style blogger out there — and that’s not just because she’s ranked third on our Power Grid. It because despite the fact that she sits front row at fashion shows, travels the world, and is dating the inimitable Scott Schuman, she still has time to write blog posts like this. In case you missed the news, Doré just moved to New York. And in her short time here, she’s already learned a few NYC-specific lessons which she’d kindly like to pass on.

The first tip is our favorite, so we’ve excerpted it in full, but we really recommend reading her whole post for the rest.

How was I supposed to know that for the perfect manicure, you need:

#1 To learn a new language.

The first time I walked into a nail spa, I stopped at the desk and I started off at the hostess,

“Hello! I want a manicure, a pedicure, some color, and what’s this paraffin thing? Can you take me right away? How long will it take? Can I bring my own polish? What are all these crazy machines over there and what exactly do you mean by “facial?” And what do you call that thing that, errrr, I forget, do you think I have good skin? What would you recommend for…”

Wait, what did I say? The receptionist looked at me with big round eyes, a little terrified. After a rather embarrassing two minutes of silence, she started at me, repeating:

” Manicure ? Pedicure ? Manicure ? Pedicure ? Manicure ? Pedicure ? Manicure ?”

I looked around, a little lost.

And then a very pretty and very busy looking girl blazed into the salon. She picked out a polish in two seconds, put it right in the receptionist face and with no hello, but with a big smile said, “Manicure! Pedicure! Facial!” This was met with a knowing smile and she was guided into the salon.

And then I finally got it… The receptionist doesn’t speak english.

I picked out a polish and said, “Manicure!” And look at that! It worked!

For more tips on pedicures, flip flops, and when to tip, read the rest.

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