Garance Dore Calls Plus-Size Model Trend A “Joke”

There once was a time when heroin-chic teenagers ruled the runway; now mature models and plus sizes are gaining weight (no pun intended) in the industry. So do we welcome this new perception of beauty with open arms and celebrate the lack of svelteness at fashion week? We’re not so sure. Get ready for a fight, Crystal Renn, illustrator and blogger Garance Dore is making some pretty bold statements against the newly popular plus-size trend.

In an interview with the AAP, Dore called the hype around plus size modeling a farce and a gimmick.

“It should not be such a big deal to show women with different bodies, but sometimes it’s treated like a bit of joke, or for shock, like the plus-size models on the runway in the UK fashion week…It’s not such a good thing to show plus-size because it’s not really physically healthy and not always flattering to fashion.”

If plus size modeling is going to work — if it’s going to last beyond a couple buzzy spreads — the industry will have to make major changes. Dore believes that putting a few size 8 models on a cover or walking them down a runway doesn’t promote a more inclusive body image ideal.

“I think it’s too much and almost naive of the fashion industry, because it would be nice in a few years that the idea of different body shapes is normal, but right now it’s not quite there yet.”

So before you get up in arms about Dore’s position, why not heed her advice and start thinking constructively. Instead of squeezing these ladies into couture, let’s make lines that promote their body types. Take the gimmick out of the trend, and let’s use it to make some changes in the industry.

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