Gavin McInnes Said Some Idiotic Things About Working Women

by Lil Government

Is the clock on my Macbook not functioning properly? Because the year part keeps telling me that it’s still 2013, and yet while I was observing Vice co-founder and current honcho Gavin McInnes share his feelings about women in the workplace on this  HuffPost Live web show, I could have sworn that the space-time continuum shat me directly back into 1951.

The segment asked panelists, which included other Skypers in addition to McInnes, “how do we currently define masculinity in a post-feminist world?” Even the question is problematic–we’ll get to that post-feminist world in a second– but that was merely the tip of this epic glacial shitberg looming large on the horizon.

“Why are all you wimps taking it for granted that violence is bad, and that being macho is bad. That’s how we got here,” injects McInnes within mere moments of HuffPo host Ricky Camilleri’s now-instantly-discredited use of the dreaded “p-f” word (post-fem… you get it). “This idea of this beta male being powerful and in control [insert sociopathic chuckle for effect] is what, 20, 30 years old? You’re going against 40,000 years of evolution.” Then he drops this gem, but not before calling fellow panelist and Miami law professor Mary Anne Franks a “fucking idiot”:

“Study after study has shown that feminism has made women less happy. They’re not happy in the work force, for the most part. I would guess 7% [of women] like not having kids, they want to be CEOs, they like staying at the office all night working on a proposal, and all power to them. But by enforcing that as the norm, you’re pulling these women away from what they naturally want to do, and you’re making them miserable.”


I can’t.


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