A Brief History Of Gay Marriage And The Fashion Industry In Photos

UPDATE, June 26, 2013: This morning, DOMA (the cruelly titled Defense of Marriage Act) has been struck down by the Supreme Court. That means that from now on, it has been deemed unconstitutional to treat same-sex married couples any differently than their straight counterparts. Legalizing same sex marriage is still decided on a state by state basis, but citizens in those states which recognize the partnerships, can expect groundbreaking changes — from health access to citizenship for foreign spouses, and more. Since this is obviously cause for celebration in the fashion world, take a look at how gay marriage and the industry have collided over the years.

Original Post, March 28, 2013:
Marriage equality has been the issue on everyone’s lips this week, as the Supreme Court justices hashed out the implications of the Defense Of Marriage Act in oral arguments yesterday in Washington, DC.

But while we will have to wait until June for the final rulings on the challenge to Proposition 8, in the meantime we’re taking a look back at the weddings, engagements, protests, arguments, and public displays of support we’ve seen in the fashion industry in the past few years.

Tying the knot has never been so chic:

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