WATCH: Ex-Model Gemma Ward Makes A Decent Mermaid

We never thought we’d say this, but we might actually go and see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Mostly because the trailer doesn’t provide enough Gemma Ward goodness to satisfy our curiosity about her part in the film.

Styleite reported in October that Ward’s role in the film was fifth from the top of the cast list, but the trailer doesn’t make us all that confident that she’s the fifth most important person in the film. Ward plays a mermaid named Tamara, and in the three minutes of the UK trailer she only shows up once for about two seconds (skip to around 1:54 to see it) before she disappears into the shadowy depths of whatever body of water Captain Jack Sparrow has decided to traverse. Maybe that’s Disney‘s way of getting the fashion-forward set to pay a little more attention to the movie, and if that’s the case, it’s working. Well, at least it’s working on us.


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