Did You Know Martin Scorsese Made a Giorgio Armani Documentary?

There are really only two reasons why anybody ever comments on a post: to smugly or furiously point out they know much more about everything than we do, or because he or she is an incensed Nicki Minaj fan.

This is why some bloggers have (understandably) adopted a heads-in-the-sand policy, but every so often, someone polite, sane and actually knowledgeable can come along like a Delfina Delettrez honeycomb cuff in a Dumpster. Thank you, Sartorialist reader Riccardo Stinga, for leading us to the Armani Promised Land. You get a gold star.

We’ve only gotten through maybe a quarter of Fatto a Milano, Scorsese‘s 1990 documentary on the “One Night Only” mastermind, but that yoga-instructor voice chattering away soothingly in Italian about his city and his uniform has already lulled us into a navy-blue stupor. It’s probably best if we save this for when we don’t have a website to run, but do go on without us.

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Fatto a Milano (part 1) from unitedstyle on Vimeo.

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