Giorgio Armani Slams Anna Wintour for Missing His Show

anna wintour giorgio armani

Anna Wintour’s noticeable absence from the front row at the Giorgio Armani show brought on an angsty post show press conference diatribe on Monday. During the venting session captured by WWD, Armani referred to himself in the third person while calling everyone and their mothers out. Although he rarely named anyone outright, it’s pretty obvious who and what he was alluding to.

Let’s just say if Armani had a burn book, Wintour would have the longest entry.

“She took an airplane, dumped Mr. Armani and went to Paris,” he said.

“Why should I always be the moron [translating from an Italian expletive] to be penalized because of a person, who, for better or for worse, like or dislike it, is powerful? I feel penalized,” he continued. “She said she was sending her people. But if you go to see your dentist and he puts you in the hands of his assistant, what’s your reaction? They told me ‘She went to see the Privé in Paris; she has no time to see the ready-to-wear in Milan.’ She is influential and powerful. But, perhaps, I’m influential as well.”

Hilariously enough, the “she” he was ranting and raving about actually left Milan to go back to London. According to WWD, Wintour was spotted having lunch today with Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, which will most likely irritate the designer even more.

“Anna has the greatest respect for Giorgio Armani and everything he has done for Italy and fashion worldwide,” Vogue communications director Hildy Kuryk told WWD. “Unfortunately, with the fashion calendar now running for more than a month, there are some shows that Anna is not able to attend.”

A.K.A. she was busy, but Armani is blaming the Italian Fashion Chamber for failing to round up more big name designers to close out Milan Fashion Week, thus not giving the editrix more incentive to stay.

“When we decided to show the last day, other big brands were involved. But currently this is an empty day,” Armani said. “Does this mean protecting the Italian fashion? Where is the Camera? I rejoined it but I can always exit again. I can just put in a phone call….”

Armani then moved on to talking smack about his fellow designers.

“I wanted to bring an owl with me this morning,” he said, a clear reference to Dolce & Gabbana’s collection that featured nocturnal birds. We weren’t entirely sure this was a jab, until we saw that WWD described him as “needling the competition.” Sometimes it is all in the tone.

Head over to WWD to read the rest of his burns.

[Fashionista via WWD]

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