WATCH: Gisele Stars In Environmental Cartoon Series

Some supermodels have their own fragrances, other supermodels have their own animated web series. Gisele falls into the latter category. Her latest venture is an environmental cartoon. Yes, an environmental cartoon. And it’s obviously called Gisele and the Green Team.

Gisele and her four friends work at a boutique called G-Planet, but morph into eco-superheroes when trouble arises. The series reminds us quite a bit of Captain Planet — both involve five ethnically diverse environmental crime fighters with jewels that activate their powers. But while the Planeteer powers were earth, fire, wind, water and heart, the Green Team powers are telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, foresight and earth memory. Weird.

So how does animated Gisele hold up? We can’t say the rendering is super accurate, though Gisele’s definitely taller (and less cartoon-like) than her comrades. And the Brazilian beauty definitely did not voice her accentless character.

Check out the first episode — “The Case of the Lawless Loggers” — below!

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