If Gisele Were A Stock Index, She’d Outperform The Dow Jones

Gisele Bundchen is the richest supermodel in the business, and it turns out there’s a pretty good reason why. An analysis of the publicly traded companies she’s represented over the last four years reveals that if those companies were grouped together as a stock index, they’d outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

StockerBlog took the performance of every company Bundchen has been involved with commercially in any way since 2007 — companies like Ralph Lauren, Disney, Procter and Gamble and Volkswagen — and grouped it into an index, comparing its performance against the Dow. (For the uninitiated, the Dow is one of the oldest benchmarks of American stock market performance and comprises a group of 30 publicly traded stocks that includes McDonald’s, General Electric, Coca Cola and Microsoft.)

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But even though there’s some crossover between the Gisele Index and the Dow (both include Disney and Proctor and Gamble), Bundchen’s team is still doing way better than old Industrial Average.

“The Gisele Index is UP 41 per cent since January 2007 versus the Dow which was DOWN 4 per cent during the same period. Since January 2008, Gisele was up 39 per cent versus a drop of four per cent for the Dow. And since January 2009, Gisele rose 67 per cent.”

Of course this brings up an important financial query: is Gisele well paid because good companies hired her, or are these companies worth more because they hired Gisele?

Once you’ve wrapped your head around that, consider this: If Heidi Klum, who is the second-best paid model in the world, was similarly represented as a stock index, she’d outperform the Dow, too. Which of course means one day, when she’s not modeling anymore, Karlie Kloss is going to make one hell of a Federal Reserve chairwoman.

[StockerBlog via The Daily Telegraph]

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