PHOTOS: Glamour Goes Cat Crazy For Fashion Week

To say that the fashion industry loves cats would be an understatement. Choupette is becoming more famous than her owner Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Coddington designed a bag inspired by her cat, Pumpkin, and Agent Provocateur‘s Valentine’s Day ad is one naughty double entendre. Now it’s Glamour‘s turn, with four nights of feline-centric fêtes for fashion insiders and the public.

The magazine hosted a party in the Meatpacking District last night to toast its “35 Fashion Insiders Under 35″ list, and what better way to do it than with a young crowd of fashion insiders and cat-themed everything? With a giant image of a black and white feline created by Confetti System on one wall, and cat-themed editorials and products hanging on another, the party was not for dog lovers.

The magazine’s executive fashion director Anne Christensen, who was wearing a lace Maison Michel headband with cat ears, natch, explained:

“The idea is that there are so many great young people, a whole force of nature, behind these big designers and houses. That’s the inspiration, but then you start digging deeper and you start to realize that there are so many great young people that have stated their own businesses and do PR, design, and all sorts of interesting things. It was a greally great Glamour idea and list to come up with. The future generation of really talented women are a big part of Glamour’s history.”

As for the cat theme, well, that was just for fun. One particularly eye-catching wall accessory was the pumpkin colored Coddington x Balenciaga bag, hung up with bright pink masking tape. As it turns out, it was Christensen’s very own! “It’s insured,” she assured us. “I don’t think you can get them anymore. I love that bag. I have one cat right now, but I’ve always had cats. I was Grace Coddington’s assistant, so my cat obsession was fueled.”

Well, we should’ve known. In addition to the party, Glamour is hosting several more private events this weekend, as well as a free cat manicure and eyeliner application to the public this Saturday from 1 – 3 PM at 74 Gansevoort Street. RSVPs can be sent to

Check out snaps from last night’s fête below, and send us pics of your nail manis if you go!

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