In Which We Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Glamour’s Redesign

Part of the reason Beauty and Features Editor Julia Rubin and Fashion News Editor Justin Fenner work so well together is because they argue all the time. (But in a friendly, we-respect-each-other’s-hard-work-and-perspective kind of way!) So naturally when they saw the redesign of Glamour, they had differing opinions. Herein, the two suss out what they like, what they don’t like and what they LOVE about the new and improved Glamour.

Justin: So let’s talk about this March Glamour cover!
Julia: YES, LET’S. This is what it looks like:

Julia: I really like it.
Justin: Do you? I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean, love Amanda Seyfried, love Ellen von Unwerth, but I’m not entirely sure I’m down with the way the cover lines look.
Julia: Let’s back up and discuss the PHOTO.
Justin: UGH, glamour. I mean Glamour. That photo is so good, and I think Mandy looks great in it.
Julia: It’s unboring! Which is great! The old covers — celebs standing in front of a blank background — were just so typical. This is fun! And fresh! I love that she’s in a BATHROOM. That has WALLPAPER. I mean, her outfit is pretty much the worse. WTF that scary appliqued top + bad whiskered jeans. But the earrings rule.
Justin: You know how we love a good statement earring. But you’re right. Bad clothes + pretty woman doing real life things in them = sorta cool image, and of that, I approve.
Julia: I just like that this is a narrative-ish photo. Not a “lady in front of a white backdrop” photo. It’s also very Glamour, right? Lady in a bathroom, doin’ her hair! Which brings us to…THE COVER LINES, which I also find VERY Glamour. And they’re honest! It’s like…guys, sex, beauty, shopping, gossip. BAM. GLAMOUR.
Justin: Right. And like. Okay — all of those things are what women know they’re going to get from Glamour, so I can’t help but appreciate that they’re being open and forthcoming about what’s going to happen when you turn the page. BUT.
Julia: BUT…
Justin: But, like. Big black letters in Helvetica? The name of the magazine is Glamour, not Let’s Be Obvious About Lady Things Monthly.
Julia: OMG I LOVE THE TYPOGRAPHY. We should talk about fonts.
Justin: We should. We absolutely should.
Julia: I really dig the italized serif font in pink juxtaposed with the bold black Helvetica. It looks nice! Also the random placing of the cover lines is different — I like that they’re not pushed to the edges and justified.
Justin: Oh man, that random placement. I guess maybe I’m just used to magazine cover lines being presented a certain way, and this is not it.
Julia: Yes! Mixing it up! I LIKE THAT. I’m into the “this is a magazine cover but different” thing. It’s FRESH. Like the Harper’s Bazaar cover with Gwyneth’s obscured face. FRESH.
Justin: I don’t think being different for the sake of being different is all that fresh.
Julia: I don’t think it’s different for the sake of being different! It’s aesthetically pleasing.
Justin: Well, look, I certainly don’t think it’s ugly, but something about the way the words “shopping” and “beauty” are floating around just obfuscates the fact that the viewer (i.e. me) is looking at an incredible piece of work.
Julia: Disagree! I wouldn’t call the picture an incredible piece of work, though it is very fun. I would also get rid of all cover lines ever if I ran the world, but they’re needed for newsstand sales and all that nonsense. I think this is a nice way to present them! Short, to-the-point, randomly (but nicely!) arranged.
Justin: You said something interesting — they’re there for the sales. And I guess that’s right. I mean, what other purpose does a magazine cover have than to sell the magazine? I don’t necessarily LOVE the way this cover looks, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it.
Julia: I think the real issue is that those specific cover lines could be used for any issue, any month. What will they say next month?
Justin: Hahaha. “We’re gonna shop again!”
Julia: WE HAVE EVEN MORE GUYS. (Not opposed.)
Julia: Okay, so in sum: I really like it, though I’m curious to see how the following month’s covers (and cover lines) will stay FRESH.
Justin: And also in sum: I don’t dislike it, but I’m not doing jazz hands of mirth over here. And yes. What will April bring?
Justin: WITH GUYS.
Julia: Oh, I meant as in like “May flowers”. But sure! SHOWERS WITH GUYS.
Justin: Glamour. So saucy right now.

UPDATE: Despite a press release to the contrary, it looks like this might not be Glamour’s new cover after all. We spotted this version on a newsstand while on the way to work. We’ve reached out to a rep at the magazine and will keep you posted.

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