WATCH: Glenn Beck’s Utopia Would Not Include Gap Or Ann Taylor

While mall brands don’t exactly make us want to jump up and down with excitement, their existence isn’t so offensive that we would banish them forever. But we are not Glenn Beck (and thank goodness for that).

The conservative pundit’s latest pet project is a utopian society that he bills as “an entire city developed around patterns,” that is also, curiously, founded on the principles of freedom and liberty. The idea was skewered last night on “The Daily Show”, with Jon Stewart finding especially rich fodder in Beck’s idea of the “marketplace”:

This is the marketplace. This is where people – there’s not going to be a Gap here. There’s no Ann Taylor. You want Ann Taylor? Go someplace else.

No Gap? No Ann Taylor? But how will the society even function?! We’d suggest he ask Anna Wintour, who clearly has not stepped foot in a mall in decades, but we all know how he feels about her.

Luckily, Stewart has some ideas. Watch the full clip below:

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