PHOTOS: The 10 Worst Dressed People At The Golden Globes

Look, not everyone can be the best, and at no time of the year is that clearer than during award show season. Not because some people win awards and others don’t, but because some people just can’t manage to dress themselves before they hit the red carpet.

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We refer, of course, to the worst-dressed people who attended the Golden Globes Sunday night. There were a lot of great looks, there were a lot of meh looks, and then there were downright bad looks. And we’re not just talking normal bad — we mean black dress shirt bad (Ricky Gervais). Overworked studs and unnecessary straps bad (Nicole Kidman). Dresses that make your hips look geometric bad (Natalie Portman). See-through mesh panels bad (Piper Perabo AND Morena Baccarin). Bad, bad, bad.

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You’d think for a group of people who can afford to pay someone to have taste for them, there wouldn’t be worst-dressed lists at all. But here we stand, corrected, chastened and rebuked. Take a look at some of the worst dressed people at the Globes below — and let us know if we missed anyone, or if you think one of these people shouldn’t have been included at all.

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