Google Glass’ New Frames Are More Fashionable Than Futuristic

Google GlassGoogle Glass is trying to look less futuristic and more mainstream fashion with the release of their first collection of prescription frames.

“We’re making it a more natural part of your life. [Wearing Glass] will be easier with this, plus you have more choices,” said Google Glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson in an interview with WWD. “It’s a very natural extension of things that you already wear. For some people, this will come even more naturally than the regular [Glass].”

Olsson started the project two-and-a-half years ago and was concerned about competing with stores that sold an abundance of frame options. The Stockholm native told WWD that she abided by three design tenants throughout the design process: lightness, simplicity, and scalability.

When Diane von Furstenberg donned the first version of Glass at her spring 2013 runway show in 2012, tastemakers began to wonder if the industry could make the unfashionable specs happen.

Olsson’s current designs are a vast improvement, and dare we say it: stylish. We think her desire to create a small group of frames that would fit a lot of people was accomplished.

The wearable technology frames are on sale today at Customers can choose from $225 titanium optical frames that come various square and round shapes including nearly rimless. The prescription frames are both modern and classic, which is definitely an upgrade from the original design, which was better suited for the prop room at the Syfy channel. For those with 20/20 vision, Google is also debuting $150 non-prescription sunglasses that come in black, gray, white, turquoise, and tangerine.

Unfortunately, the sunglasses aren’t quite there yet. They still look like something you would throw on after a round of Lasik vision correction surgery, but Olsson is aware that these frames are a work in progress.

“It was difficult because there was no benchmark with Glass,” Olsson said. “We started from scratch. But now that we’ve created that benchmark, we can evolve and listen to people’s feedback and create something even better.”

If you are worried about confusing your optometrist, you can relax. Google has partnered with VSP Vision Care offer Glass training for eye-care specialists.

While I am not entirely sure how I feel about Google Glass, I will say that I would wear the “Curve” frames any day of the week– and I don’t even wear glasses.


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