Google Play’s ‘Bomb Gaza’ Game Lets You Kill Palestinian Women and Children [Updated]

Why are you so terrible, world?

Why are you so terrible, world?


As the death toll continues to rise in Gaza on the heels of an expired cease-fire, Android’s official app store, Google Play is currently offering a game called “Bomb Gaza,” where users are encouraged to drop missiles on the region to destroy “terrorists.”  Bomb Gaza is just another one of numerous insensitive games available on Android’s official app store including,”Gaza Assault” and “Whack the Hamas”. Since when has celebrating one of the most tragic conflicts become the perfect theme for a video game? Why are you so terrible, world?

In “Bomb Gaza” users control an aircraft decorated with the Israeli flag and drop bombs and rockets on cartoon Hamas militants and Palestinian women holding children. According to the game’s description, users are to drop bomb on “terrorists” only, but as noted in the Vine preview inadvertently killing the civilians and children is impossible since they’re stacked on top of one another.

Just about 300 children have been killed in the real war going on between Israel and Palestine over the last month.


Since its debut, the game has racked up over 1,000 downloads and has a 4.4 out of 5 stars. Reviews have been mixed with some praising the game, “WOW! THIS IS VERY GOOD GAME! FUCK OBAMA”, while others have asked Google Play to remove the game to no avail. Google Play’s policy states that games “advocating against groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin [and] religion,” are banned, but given that the rules just say to “avoid killing civilians,” it’s unclear whether or not Google will remove Bomb Gaza.

UPDATE: Google has now removed the game from its app store.

[Swagger New York]

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