GOP Candidates Dress To Win At Last Night’s Foreign Policy Debate

Last night, the nation’s GOP candidates spent an hour, or perhaps in some cases, hours, getting their hair primped, their makeup done, and their ensembles styled — all so they could take part in CNN’s foreign policy debate. Accordingly, we spent an hour, perhaps two, critiquing them.

Michelle Bachmann

Michele Bachmann wore white, which certainly made her stand out in a sea of dark suits. The same can’t be said for her super smokey eye. It’s one thing to emphasize your eyes, it’s another to overshadow them.

Rick Perry

Is it just us, or does Rick Perry really know how to wear a suit? Look at that fit! And at that hint of cuff.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, though he looks like he was genetically engineered to be a presidential candidate, ruined it all with his oversized, wide striped tie.

Newt Gingrich

Perhaps in an attempt to project consistency and security, Newt Gingrich wore the exact same tie (and quite possibly, suit) he wore to the last GOP debate.

Herman Cain

If Herman Cain’s attire suffered from a host of problems last night, including his one-size-too-big suit jacket and cheap-looking tie. On the flip side, we’d love to see him really embrace those specs with a more prominent, perhaps tortoiseshell rim.

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