These GPS Shoes Will Make Sure You Get Home Safely


We have to admit, we are wont to get lost every now and then. Sometimes all the corners of a big city just looks the same! So maybe we should pick up a pair of these GPS-enabled oxfords to ensure that we can always find our way home!

Designer Dominic Wilcox created a utilitarian pair of kicks with LED lights on the toecaps, that illuminate to show you which way to walk. First, the wearer uploads their location via USB (author’s note: if someone could explain how one would be able to upload this information TO A SHOE via USB, I would be eternally grateful. But actually). The lights on the left shoe indicate the correct direction, and the lights on the right shoe are a progress bar that show you how far you have left to go. Pretty cool, huh?

And shockingly, the shoes themselves aren’t weird, hideous clunkers. They’re actually pretty cute! Still, we think we’ll stick with the directions on our iPhone, because we would feel a little awkward walking down the street while staring at blinking lights on our toes. And if we ever bought an item of clothing with LED lights on it, it would clearly be this dress made of film strips. At any rate, the design is still in the prototype stage and not available for purchase. If they ever did hit the mass market, would you buy shoes with GPS capability?

[Coco Perez]

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