GQ Editor Says Tom Brady Is ‘Not Particularly Stylish’ And ‘Schlumpy’

Poor Tom Brady. In addition to all the pressure of having to quarterback the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl tomorrow, he now has to deal with once again being called out for not being the best dressed guy in the world — this time by an editor from GQ, the steezy men’s fashion magazine he’s covered in the past.

The mag’s senior editor Will Welch told USA Today on Saturday that even though Brady is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, one of the most stylish women in the world, her taste hasn’t rubbed off on him enough to make a huge difference in the way he dresses off the field. Quoth Welch:

The most obvious effect Gisele has had on her husband’s style was his longer surfer-dude hair, which Tom has since cut. But there are other signs of her influence. You really see it at big events. Since hooking up with Gisele, he’s learned — or been told — how to clean up for glossy fashion functions like the annual Met Gala in New York. Every time he’s turned up at that event, he’s looked so cool. … He looks iconic.

On a more everyday level, though — when he’s still dressing himself — he mostly just looks like Tom Brady, quarterback. Not particularly stylish. When Bob Costas interviewed him at halftime of the Pro Bowl last week, his suit was all wrong — all the proportions were out of whack, with a giant collar that was swallowing his neck. Frankly it can be a relief that sometimes the guy looks a little schlumpy.

Emphasis ours. And we’re not going to disagree with that last bit — Brady doesn’t always wear the best fitting stuff, even if it is high quality. (The suit Welch is referring to is Tom Ford, though Brady is wearing it like it came from the clearance section of a Men’s Wearhouse.) Still, Brady’s never been billed as a style star, so we almost just want to give the guy points for trying instead of taking him to task for an oversize shirt here and there.

Check out the offending suit in the video below and tell us what you think.

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[USA Today, NBC Sports]

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