American GQ Wants You to Know It Was Actually British GQ Who Gave Those Awards to Kim Kardashian and Tony Blair

@reply game is flawless.


We all know how much it sucks to be accused of doing something someone else did. When I was six Miss Pace thought I had written this illegible “story” full of typos that another, less literate, Hannah had scribbled her name on, when actually my story was a flawless 28-page chronicle of the lives of my neighbor Roy’s three cats, a story that I had typed on my parents Gateway computer in and printed out in Arial font like a PROFESSIONAL WRITER. I was livid.

But I have never been accused of awarding any awards to two of the world’s most hated famous people, so can only imagine the levels of rage GQ US must be feeling right now because the entire internet thinks it’s the same person/publication as GQ UK.

In case you missed it, last night was the GQ Men of the Year Awards, an annual event where relevant celebrities get dressed up to watch irrelevant celebrities accept awards for things they don’t deserve. Celebrities falling into the latter category included kontoured Kanye West appendage Kim Kardashian and former UK Prime Minister/Iraq invader Tony Blair, who accepted honors for “Woman of the Year” and “Philanthropist of the Year” respectively. Safe to say, people were pissed. Twitter began directing hate tweets to @GQMagazine, the account of GQ‘s US version, while the real culprit, @BritishGQ, appears to have gone relatively unscathed.

GQ US’ response is continuing to be hilarious, if not mainly because you get the sense they don’t agree with GQ UK’s choice of award-deserving celebrities AT ALL but obviously cannot explicitly say so. Hopefully someone in GQ‘s New York office is shouting their social media manager hump day drinks this evening, because their @reply game is flawless:

For once it seems America has superior taste. [***USA flag emojis***]

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