5 (More) Reasons To Love Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington‘s memoir Grace hits shelves tomorrow, and in case you weren’t already convinced that you should be making a mad dash to your nearest bookstore, the Cod has doled out a couple of interviews to hook us all in.

The 71-year-old became a breakout star of sorts after her endearing portrait in the 2009 documentary The September Issue. Nowadays, Vogue creative director is gracing magazine covers, covering It-bags with sketches of her cat, Pumpkin, and reclaiming ownership of her signature makeup look that is oft-attributed to Twiggy. In profiles by the New York Times and the Telegraph this weekend, she’s also giving us more and more reason to believe she’s the coolest thing at Condé Nast these days. Here’s why:

1. She has mixed feelings about her newfound fame. To the Times, she bemoaned the crowds of bloggers and photographers that hound her outside of fashion week: “They think I’m everybody’s property. You’re like public domain. And I think that’s disgusting.” To the Telegraph, however, she conceded that it’s not always all that bad: “I’m having fun being recognised. It’s not as though I’m a rock star where people are very aggressive. I guess I’m too old to lead a really exciting life.”

2. Her view on fashion week is, well, old fashioned. In the best way possible, of course:

“It’s a nightmare at fashion shows – it’s all about celebrities walking in and being filmed and having their moment. A lot of people in the front row are there to be seen; they are not there to see the clothes. People don’t take notes any more. I hate that. Every season when it comes to collection time, you have to take a deep breath and try and ignore all that crazy stuff going around. I find it distracting. I just want to see the clothes.”

3. She’s not afraid to call out her colleagues. In the memoir, she calls designers Viktor & Rolf “prissy,” admits Annie Leibovitz is “not exactly the happy partyish type at the best of times,” says Vogue editors “looked like a convention of hookers” from the back at a certain Met gala, and dishes on Anna Wintour: “With men she’s very seductive, even if they’re one hundred percent gay.”

4. But even she isn’t immune to Anna-induced intimidation. Per the Telegraph:

“Oh my God, I was nervous, of course I was. Because she and I are very entwined – and I was nervous that I had said too much about her, from her point of view. But I was also nervous that she would think it wasn’t well written or not well laid out. But she wrote me a really long letter saying she loved it and that was a big relief. She trusts me. I don’t have anything horrible to say about her anyway, and I know everyone out there is probably hoping I get really nasty about her. A) I wouldn’t, and B) I don’t have anything bad to say. She’s my boss and you have to respect that she makes the magazine what it is, and we all contribute. Ultimately it’s her show.”

5. And last but not least, she doesn’t think smooth sailing is the best way to get to the top. Coddington tells the Times that young designers could stand to have “a few things going wrong in their life…I mean, I hate to say it, but it teaches you a hell of a lot, you know.”

[NYT and The Telegraph]

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