Grace Coddington Has No Idea Who Piers Morgan Is

Lots of people are obsessed with Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, and Piers Morgan (the Brit who’s taking over for Larry King at CNN next month) is one of them. But even though Morgan was profiled in Vogue this year and his show has been promoted to death and back, Coddington has no clue who he is.

Page Six reported that the two were both at The Waverly Inn, the ritzy and exclusive restaurant Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter owns, just a few nights ago. While Coddington sat and ate with photographer Bruce Weber and a number of other friends, Morgan sidled up and started fawning over her. He even gushed about how much he loved The September Issue. Coddington, ever the diva, was thoroughly nonplussed.

A witness relates: “Piers told Grace he wanted to meet her for some time. He told her, ‘You’re my idol, and I loved your documentary.’ ” When the editor looked blank, Morgan pressed on, “You had me in your magazine, remember?”

Morgan later called the people at Page Six to tell them that she did remember after that — or at least she pretended to. “I didn’t mind because Kiefer Sutherland came over and said he’d come on the show,” Morgan said. “He gave me the Jack Bauer line, ‘Go kill it, Piers.'”

It’s a pretty tough call between being on speaking terms with the world’s greatest living stylist and having the guy from 24 as a wingman, but if anything, this story will make a great anecdote when Coddington is Morgan’s first Fashion Friday interview.

[Author’s note: Fingers crossed that someone from Piers Morgan Tonight sees this story and decides to make Fashion Friday a thing before the show debuts on Jan. 17]

Jack Bauer helps Piers [Page Six]

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