Part Of The Great Gatsby Was Filmed At Tommy Hilfiger’s Apartment

We just got several times more excited for The Great Gatsby to come out this summer.

When the film finally hits theaters in May 2013 (the date was pushed back from the originally planned Christmas 2012 release), viewers will be getting a very intimate look at Tommy Hilfiger‘s 6,000-square-foot apartment at the Plaza, because one of the most dramatic scenes of The Great Gatsby — which, in the novel, actually does take place at the Plaza — was filmed there. We’re glad the filmmakers picked Hilfiger’s apartment so we can get a sneak peak at it!

This isn’t the only connection that Hilfiger’s home has to the world of literature; he and his wife Dee commissioned Hilary Knight, the illustrator of “Eloise”, to create a mural in the apartment.

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