Grindr Facing Law Suit For Letting Man Get With a 13-Year-Old Boy


So in one 52-year-old New Jersey man’s opinion, Grindr is responsible for matching him with a 13-year-old boy. Because if Grindr doesn’t alert the older guy to the fact that his hook up was still dealing with puberty, how was HE supposed to figure it out? Common sense this, vision that, whatever. This guy is mad as hell and not taking it anymore. William F. Saponaro Jr. argues that Grindr needs to make sure that its users are really 18 before they let older men ask them to hang out. Gorgeous. Naturally Grindr’s all like we can’t be held responsible for what these kids lie about on the interwebs.

Despite the illegal age difference, they both were probably really into collecting PEZ dispensers, which understandably, made things confusing. This 52-year-old man, Saponaro and another 24-year-old Grindr user who also met up with the boy were both charged with aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. James Franco, everyone, just please find out how old these people are.

Suing your aunt for recommending you get to know your third cousin better before all hope dries up is still viable though.


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