Everybody Keep Calm: Gucci Loses Logo Trademark in the UK

It’s not that catastrophic — they can still plaster double Gs on “non-medicated toilet preparations, cosmetic preparations, perfumes, soaps, dentifrices, preparations for the hair, antiperspirants [and] depilatory preparations,” according to British Vogue. (Personally, we think Gucci deodorant would do very well on the market.)

All bathroom humor aside, this appears to be a rather intriguing David-and-Goliath story, at least in that a smaller house knocked a much larger one down a few pegs. Vogue reports that fashion brand Gerry Weber “applied for the motif to be repealed in June 2012 for a lack of use between 2003 and 2012,” and even after Gucci produced sales figures from that period, the UK Intellectual Property Office determined those records inadequate proof of genuine use. The IPO then revoked Gucci’s trademark in four categories, including bags, T-shirts and watches.

We can’t even begin to picture the field day the people behind Ballin’ and Célfie are having over this news — and, you know, every other UK clothing manufacturer who wants a piece of the interlocking-G pie — but man, we have to wonder if the Italian company’s all shook up. All this goes to show is, as one commenter put it so eloquently, “even big guys can get shafted.” If Gucci’s fallible, then no one’s safe.

[Vogue UK]

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