Which Fashion Brand Gets The Most Internet Searches?

If ever there was a metric for public opinion about the fashion industry, it’s search engine results. And according to the engineers at Bing, Gucci is the most searched fashion brand of them all.

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In fact, according to the annual Bing Trends report, Gucci tops the list of the 10 most widely searched brands on the web for the second year in a row, beating out other big-name brands by countless multitudes of clicks. Ralph Lauren is close behind at number two, and Chanel, which came in second to Gucci last year, is now at number five on the list. And the only two non-super-high-end-designer labels involved are Guess and J.Crew, which came in at numbers six and seven, respectively.

So what magical power does Gucci have that other brands don’t? We tend to think it’s because when most people think of fashion, they think of Gucci — the brand has been marketed to sound like it’s the be-all and end-all of the fashion industry, (it’s basically all Florence Welch wears!) and it looks like it’s working.

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But it’s also worth pointing out that some of the search terms on the list refer to people, and not to brands. Coco Chanel came in eighth on the list, which is no surprise when you consider there have been a plethora of books and movies released about her over the past year and a half. At number nine is the designer John Galliano — and we all know why his search results have been up this year.

Check out the full list below, and tell us if your favorite brand made the list.

Top Searched Fashion Brands On Bing in 2011
1. Gucci
2. Ralph Lauren
3. Y-3
4. Louis Vuitton
5. Chanel
6. Guess
7. J.Crew
8. Coco Chanel
9. John Galliano
10. Burberry

[Bing Trends]

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