Guess Rips Off Rodarte For Target, Charges Four Times The Original Price

When one brand rips off another, it’s generally a case of one producing a cheaper version of something the other makes. But a brand producing an almost identical copy of something, and then charging four times the original price? That’s just dumb.

In 2009, Rodarte designed a whole bunch of things for their Target GO International diffusion collection. One of those pieces was a peach slip dress that was deemed so successful, it was rereleased as part of the GO International greatest hits collection this year. It originally retailed for $44.99, but is currently on sale for a cool $15.79. And as a tipster pointed out to Fashionista, Guess by Marciano is selling pretty much the same exact dress for $168.

How do the the Rodarte frock and Guess’s “Blair vintage dress” compare? Both have lace trim at the neckline and hem, gathering at the bust, and a net-like overlay that extends beyond the lace hem and has satin epaulets. Yeah, they’re almost indistinguishable from one another. This is an odd case of copying since Guess ripped off the design of a brand whose price point is usually so far beyond its own (which is unfortunately standard practice), but at the same time also ripped off a dress from Target that now costs one tenth of what Guess is asking for.

Should Rodarte and Target be pissed? See for yourself below. Rodarte’s dress is on the left, Guess’s is on the right.

[via Fashionista]

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