PHOTOS: Hailee Steinfeld And Tavi Gevinson Take Disneyland!

There’s no real peg to this story, other than the fact that it’s two of our favorite teens, Hailee Steinfeld and Tavi Gevinson hanging out at Disneyland! But basically, the photos make us happy and (in a remarkable first) actually a little nostalgic for our teenage years.

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And for those of you wondering what they’re doing there, it’s probably a press thing. Unlike Ryan Gosling (who just hangs out at Disneyland every chance he gets), the park likely paid for these two to go in order to drum up press during the off season. (Which isn’t to say that they didn’t choose to go together; the two met at a Miu Miu party in Los Angeles in July, after which Steinfeld told Fashionista:

I love Tavi. What I love about her so much is she’s such a cool girl. We’re the same age and the fact that she has something that she’s so into — and it’s fashion… and her blog is the coolest thing in the world. We have so much in common. I really enjoyed hanging out with her.

Basically, they’re besties.)

Check out the photos below — are you as jealous as we are?

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