Is Amanda Bynes Behind The Latest Uptick In Hair Extension Crime?

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While the Jay Gatsby of the ’20s was bootlegging liquor, we have a feeling that the Gatsby of today might be pushing the latest clandestine commodity — hair extensions. Old sport would be rolling in it, and we get the feeling that he’d have Amanda Bynes to thank.

Over two years ago, we first reported the strange black market development and since then, the ‘business’ has been booming. According to CNN Money, human hair extensions, particularly those of the shiny and “tangle free” variety from Remy Hair, are becoming more and more sought after by crooks. On Monday, two young thieves entered John’s Beauty Supply Store in Chicago and allegedly stole about $1,000 worth of the extensions.

And this isn’t the first time the Windy City’s tresses have been a target. Last summer, thieves stole over $230,000 worth of extensions from another beauty supply store. Hair heists have also cropped up in Philadelphia and Houston (although big Texas hair has always come at a price).

But where and how do these illicit locks get sold? “They’re selling them to hair salons,” Shayna Crosby, an employee at John’s Beauty Supply, told CNN. “People even sell them online or out of the trunk of their cars.”

As for what has caused this uptick in hair-related crime, here at the office we think it all comes down to Amanda Bynes. As we’ve watched her downward spiral unfurl, we’ve noticed that her hair, and wigs, continue to grow in size while her behavior gets exponentially more erratic. It’s certainly plausible that her legion of fans are also on the hunt for hair augmentation. But that’s just our theory.

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