NYT Proves Brant Brothers Are New York’s Most Fabulous Teenagers

Ever since Paris and Nicky Hilton left the building, the socialite scene has been in need of a pair of high-powered siblings. Enter Peter Brant Jr., 18, and Harry Brant, 15, two of New York’s youngest and best known It Boys.

The Brant brothers are the genetically blessed sons of Peter Brant, publisher of Interview, and model Stephanie Seymour. The New York Times did a profile on this precocious pair, who have become bona fide society staples despite being teenagers. And after reading the profile, it’s no wonder why — they’re funny, eloquent, and have “Old World pretensions” that are actually quite charming. The certain je ne sais quoi that the boys possess has earned them 70,000 Twitter followers and the constant attention of the press. Perhaps New York Magazine‘s Stephanie Trong said it best:

“Everybody loves celebrity children. But perhaps the biggest appeal is that these guys live in the lap of luxury and they’re extremely open about their exploits. How many teens go to couture shows or fashion parties, much less document them on their joint Twitter feed, in such a hilarious, uncensored way?”

But they seem to have no intention of resting on their laurels. Peter will be starting his freshman year as an art history major at Hunter College in the fall and is currently interning at Sotheby’s, whereas Harry has taken an interest in the family business and is spending his summer at Interview. Peter told the Times:

“I’m interested in 18th-century furniture, late-19th-century art, the Arts and Crafts movement and history of the mid- to late-19th century. I bounce around a lot, but I usually stick with the same three centuries.”

Highbrow pursuits, indeed. You may expect two young boys who lead such fast lives to be, well, arrogant sobs, but those close to them will assure you that these kids are able to keep the company of kings and peasants. Friend and writer Derek Blasberg said of Peter and Harry, who attended his birthday hoedown in St. Louis:

“Those boys were the first ones on the dance floor in their chaps and cowboy hats. They’re not snobby. They can have fun anywhere from the Venice Biennial to a hayride.”

And make no mistake, although they may get into the occasional spat with mom and dad, they aren’t the product of passive or excessively doting parents. Peter Brant Sr. told the Times:

“We’ve given them reasonable freedom, and expect them to get to school on time. We expect them to be good human beings and to care about other things besides clothes.”

Well, that’s reassuring! Sounds like these too-cool teens aren’t going anywhere soon.


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