Heelbopps Save Stilettos From Cobblestones, Subway Grates

If you live in any big city you’ll know heels have more enemies than Miley Cyrus: Cobblestone streets, subway grates, any kind of grates, your anal BFF’s expensive wooden floors. Actually you’ll be aware of this even if you don’t live in a big city, because grass.

But designer Katharina Hermes of Frankfurt has come up with an alternative to skinning your favorite heels to the bone. Heelbopps (pictured above) are cone-shaped heel guards that can be worn with any thin heels starting at 2.5 inches high and up to about a half inch in diameter, transforming your shoes into John Fluevogs with a bonus: You can remove the ugly when your obstacle has been completed.

Hermes worked at Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, and Germany’s George Gina & Lucy brand before launching her creation at Berlin’s Premium trade fair in June. The basic Heelbopps go for a cool $53, which might seem a lot to pay to ostensibly make your shoes less attractive, but you’ll thank her next time you narrowly avoid eating concrete while hitting the club in the Meatpacking District.

Speaking off, the line will soon include a ‘Glam Edition’, priced at $108, featuring Swarovski Elements-encrusted, metal studded, and leather Heelbopps. Unfortunately, while your shoes will look all fancy, your feet will still end up with mangled bones and permanent clawing of the toes.


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