PHOTO: Heidi Klum Isn’t Monkeying Around For Halloween

So you know how Heidi Klum is fully obsessed with Halloween, and every year she has to have a costume that basically trumps everyone else’s costume as much as it can possibly be trumped? Yeah. Well this year, nothing’s changing — the German supermodel has apparently been working on her costume with the customary gusto, and it’s going to be as fun as the primate cage at a zoo.

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Klum, who last year worked with costume designer Martin Izquierdo to create an Iron Man-inspired suit of red and purple armor, gave Us Weekly a sneak peak of what she’ll be wearing at her annual, over-the-top Halloween party this year. She’s going to be a monkey! But not like a fake-looking Planet of the Apes type gorilla — an actual monkey, with round ears and everything!

And from the looks of things, Klum’s monkey is gonna be chic. In the photos she submitted to the magazine, she’s wearing a very hairy looking sweater that looks as ready for the runway as it does for the rainforest.

All of which makes sense: What else is Halloween but a chance to combine one’s love of fantasy and fashion? (Well, it’s a major free candy festival, but, you know, other than that the fashion fantasy thing totally goes.)

Read more about Klum’s costume here.

[Us Weekly]

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