Model Heidi Mount Called The Cops On Her Own Husband

In another incident proving that very pretty people can have very ugly problems, model Heidi Mount called the cops on her hairstylist husband Shawn Mount. Ten of New York’s finest showed up at his apartment to address Heidi’s fear that Shawn would harm their 4-year-old son.

Page Six reports that Heidi, a Karl Lagerfeld favorite who recently defended Shawn against another model’s sexual assault allegations, called the police, claiming Shawn had threatend her. She wasn’t in his apartment at the time, but the couple’s son was, and whatever Shawn said alerted her concern enough to get the law involved.

Shawn says Heidi, fresh from Lagerfeld’s new Coca Cola Light campaign, was entirely motivated by her desire to get full custody of their son.

“The officers said Heidi told them there was a disturbance and I had a knife that I was waving around threatening people. She wasn’t in the apartment. How could she feel threatened?

She made the call in order to get an order of protection against me, so she could get custody of our son.”

Shawn also suggested that Heidi might be using cocaine, a claim she denied. Heidi told the New York Post that the allegation of a knife being waved around was a result of a misunderstanding.

I didn’t tell the police he had a knife. They asked me if there was anything in the apartment that could be used as a weapon, and I responded. ‘He has a pocket knife, and there are kitchen knives on a magnet in the kitchen.’

The two have been going through a very public divorce in recent months, but Heidi says she’s always wanted Shawn to be a part of their son’s life. Whether this domestic disturbance call will prevent that from happening remains to be seen.

Model calls cops on husband [Page Six]

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