Helen Mirren Loves Stripper Heels, Dresses With Sleeves

We spend a lot of time waffling between who we love more: Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren. But while Streep certainly reminds us of that fictional, artsy aunt who takes you to fabulous wine parties when your boyfriend dumps you, Helen Mirren is like a saucy fairy godmother, with whom you share cigarettes and booze and all your secrets. Which might be why we take any and all of her sartorial advice to heart.

In an interview with the UK’s Woman And Home magazine, Mirren revealed that a lot of the focus on her appearance is merely a result of some very cleverly placed smoke and mirrors. First up, her now infamous bikini body, the credit for which she gives to her diaphragm. “Holding your tummy in is another trick for making you look and feel good,” she explained. “I don’t know why, but I do, by nature, hold my tummy in.”

As for her legs, Mirren says they’re not her favorite. “Bits of my body are all right, but bits of me are horrible. To be honest, anything from the waist down I don’t really like.” But they’re nothing a little stripper heel can’t fix.

“‘Four-inch platforms give you great height and make your legs look unbelievably long. I used only to be able to get them in stripper shops, but now you can buy them everywhere – although, unfortunately, that means everyone else has discovered the trick too.”

But she does have a pet peeve when it comes to designers.

“My big complaint is, why aren’t more dresses made with sleeves? I don’t want to wear a frumpy jacket over a sleeveless dress and it enrages me that it’s so difficult to find anything beautiful with sleeves. If you think of Elizabethan dresses or turn-of-the-century fashions, there are some amazing things you can do with sleeves, so why do so few designers put them on their dresses?”

Attention, Mr. Armani! Please take a quick break from designing constellation dresses for Gaga and get this woman some sleeves!

[Women and Home via The Daily Mail.]

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