Helena Bonham Carter Has Never Met Marc Jacobs

If there ever were two people who we imagined spending weekends together in a rundown Victorian hideaway having dress-up tea parties and impromptu photoshoots, it’s Helena Bonham Carter and Marc Jacobs. Has there ever been two people more alike in their eccentricities? We’ll answer that: no. Which is why we were literally astounded to find out that the two have never even met.

Even more insane is the fact that Ms. Bonham Carter is starring in Jacobs’ Fall ad campaign — you know, the one where she’s laying upside down and pretending to have the measles? Check out this excerpt from an interview Bonham Carter gave ELLE.com, emphasis ours.

ELLE: Tell us about the Marc Jacobs ad campaign.
HBC: I just had a great day, I was amazed I was paid to do it. Frankly, I had a great day’s fun of dressing up and playing around with Juergen. He’s the least controlled, the least affected. Usually when you do press or advertisement and you’re hired as a model, it’s usually quite anal an affair, everybody has their say. You’re not really being you, you’re selling something. But it was so liberating, and they just allowed me to do whatever I wanted. So it was great fun really, me and Juergen just had a play.

ELLE: Was it your idea to portray those characters?
HBC: It actually came out pretty organically. My instinct anyway, unfortunately, as some people can tell, is to dress up. I do like dressing up, and I feel like you’re channeling different people. They might be very unfortunate creations or sometimes more fortunate. I’ve never met Marc, but I’ve always admired his clothes. And he just said, “Would I be interested?” Also just go with it and wear whatever I wanted, if I wanted to wear shoes that were different colors. In fact there were strict instructions, “Please make sure she wears shoes that were different colors.” It came out like that. I find that it’s all play. That was what was so fun. Suddenly I found I was pretending to be a dog on the floor, snarling at Juergen, then I was Judy Garland in her latter days. We went through all different kinds of scenarios, but it was fun, it was really good fun.

We suggest they rectify that, stat.

Read the rest of the interview at ELLE.com.

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