Helena Christensen Gets Naked For Reebok (NSFW)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this naked thing is getting old. While certainly fun to post and titillating to look at, it’s just starting to get silly. Magazines do it to sell issues (and because they can argue that it’s “artsy” which, to be fair, sometimes it is), but it’s a little confusing because they’re supposed to be selling clothes. Which is hard to do when all your models are naked.

Anyway, now Reebok has jumped on the bandwagon and tapped supermodel Helena Christensen to strip down for an ad for the brand’s new EasyTone sneakers.

The shoes are supposed to shape and tone your thighs and butt as you wear them, so I guess it makes sense to show her thighs and butt in all their gorgeous glory, but I’m pretty sure genetics played a bigger hand in Christensen’s ass than these shoes. Just sayin’.

Helena herself begs to differ, though:

“With my busy schedule it’s a perfect way to do something without spending hours in the gym. I’m impatient, when I try something I like to see results immediately. I could feel these working right away which is why I’ve stuck with them. Living in New York, I like to walk everywhere, so to have trainers that tone your legs and butt as you walk is fantastic. You can really feel them working and I’ve noticed a difference in just a few weeks. They are comfortable to walk in, it almost feels like you are walking on sand, but by the end of the day you can feel it in your legs almost like you have done a workout.”


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