Hell’s Angels Are Suing Yet Another Fashion Brand

Hell’s Angels is suing another fashion brand for infringing on its copyright, and given how well things went for them the last time they went after a clothing company, we’d bet this suit is going to be a cakewalk.

The motorcycle gang is taking Los Angeles-based t-shirt brand Wildfox and Amazon.com to court for making and selling a t-shirt that says “My boyfriends a Hells Angel.” The grammatically incorrect statement tee is in direct violation of the trademark the group has on its name and imagery. Wildfox didn’t get the appropriate license from the Angels to use the name, and we’re guessing the group wouldn’t have sold it to them to begin with. In short, these tees really never should have been made, and now the Angels are using the federal court system to make sure they won’t ever be made again.

The last time the group went to court (over fashion, anyway) was last year, when its sued Alexander McQueen for using its trademarked Winged Death Head symbol, which is a skull wearing a helmet that has wings coming out the back of it. McQueen used the motif on a knuckle duster, a few clutch bags, a dress and shoes that were sold on Zappos.com and at Saks Fifth Avenue. That suit was settled lickety split, and we haven’t seen a single skull-wing combination from that brand since then.

So we’re guessing if even McQueen was intimidated by the Angels, this brand (and its lawyers) probably will be, too.

[The High Low]

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