The Future Is Here and It Looks Like High-Waisted Dad Pants

High-waisted dad pants are the way of the future. Think about it: Bum-bolstering blues nearly ruined America’s money, Michael Kors declared war on denim with a Spring 2014 collection of billowy bottoms and now, Spike Jonze has hammered the final nail into skinny jeans’ 2-percent-Spandex-lined coffin with the wardrobe of his new film.

In Her’s far-flung world, Joaquin Phoenix has a mustache, Scarlett Johansson is a disembodied voice and dudes wear pants modeled after “a mid-1800s pair [costume designer] Casey Storm found in a costume shop,” according to Vulture. Opening Ceremony recently launched a capsule collection based on these tapered trousers, which Storm said “will move the trend forward a little bit faster.”

We happily encase our bottom halves in both jeggings and low-slung peg-legs, so why shouldn’t boys enjoy the same? See some picks from the OC collaboration below and tell us if the dad-pants movement has legs.


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